Whether this is your first experience of Quakerism, or you've been exploring this faith community for a number of years, all newcomers are welcome at the Cowichan Valley Quaker Meeting. We hope the information on our website is helpful, and look forward to meeting you in person!

How do Quakers worship?

Cowichan Valley Quakers worship in silence. We are seeking the guidance of ‘that of God’, ‘the Spirit of Christ’, or ‘the Light’ within each person, as did 17th century founders George Fox and Margaret Fell and other early Friends.

Each of us holds the silence by listening to the still, small voice within. From within this gathered circle of silence, spoken ministry may be offered.

After about an hour, we join hands to close the worship. We then share ‘after thoughts’, introductions, and announcements. Please stay afterwards for coffee, muffins, and conversation. Feel free to ask any Friend or Attender for more information about Cowichan Valley Quakers, or contact us here.

A Bit of Quaker History...

Quaker history is rooted in the turbulent, anti-establishment times of the English Protestant Reformation. Early Friends were revolutionary Christians who believed that each person can have direct communion with God rather than through an intermediary. Thus, everyone is equal. The implications of these ideas remain far-reaching.

21st century Quakers bring insights from many different faiths, traditions, and experiences. Friends have no single statement of religious doctrine and do not have a fixed creed or theology. Each Meeting within the Religious Society of Friends is guided by Testimonies, Advices and Queries, Faith and Practice, and other writings that are updated periodically. Visit to learn more about the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers).