Cowichan Valley Quakers - Duncan

Want to connect with Cowichan Valley Quakers?

You are welcome to simply attend one of our Sunday meetings for worship (1st & 3rd Sundays of each month), or join one of our community events. All meetings for worship take place at 10:30am. We sit in worship for one hour, plus another 15 - 30 minutes of after thoughts, announcements, and snacks. Currently, our Meetings for Worship are held in the St. Ann’s Garden Club Building at Providence Farm. (See a Google Map for the location!)  You'll find our current schedule below in the footer.

250-746-8052 (Genevieve and Dave)


c/o 3291 Renita Ridge Rd., Duncan, BC V9L 5J6

The Society of Friends has local Meetings for Worship in other Vancouver Island locations:

Nanaimo Mid-Island Allowed Meeting . Email:

Saanich Peninsula Monthly Meeting . Email:

Victoria Friends Meeting , 1831 Fern Street. Email: