Cowichan Valley Quaker Library

The online catalogue

The Cowichan Valley Quakers library catalogue is one of more than 40 Quaker library catalogues available on LibraryThing, a web resource for readers. Many search options are available. For example, try entering one or a few keywords in the box marked “Search this library”.

Borrowing procedure

Core Quaker texts are kept on the shelves at Providence Farm. Just sign them out in the book provided. Other books are kept in the homes of individuals willing to lend them. Loans from individuals are by mutual agreement about borrowing, returning, and time length of the loan.

How to list books you are willing to lend

Click here to learn how to list your own books in the catalogue, if you are willing to lend them to other users from the Meeting. You set the conditions for loans with borrowers, and they agree to your conditions.

Book reviews

LibraryThing lets users look at reviews others have written. These are often helpful in giving readers an idea of whether they’d like to read a book or not. Many books in LibraryThing have no review at all, or only a short comment which doesn’t give much information, such as “I loved this book”. Users are invited to contribute a short review (about 10 sentences) of books they read, by submitting it to the library committee, who may edit the review, then upload it to the database.

Quaker texts online

Watch this space for a list of links to collections of Quaker texts you can read online. Many other individual Quaker documents are available in library and archive collections not listed here.

Contact us

The members of the library committee are Judith Appleby, Linda Scheiber, and James Turner. Ask any of us about the Cowichan Valley Quakers library. We’ll gladly try to answer your questions. We also welcome your suggestions for content for this page.